About Tsampa Soups

Tsampa, pronounced "Sam-Puh", means "barley" in Tibetan.  This barley-based porridge traces its roots back to the Himalayan mountains, where it served as the staple meal for sherpas needing a nourishing meal for high-altitude treks. Roasted and rolled barley, listed as one the top nutrient dense "superfoods", form the base of Tsampa Soup.

We remain committed to bringing our customers a convenient product made of highest quality organic, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients.  Tsampa Soups, believing in the importance of sustainable food production, commits a portion of its profits to support causes related to the United Nations Millennium Development Goal to Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger.

Our small team based in Brooklyn, New York has been inspired by the world and our travels.  With a passion for sustainable living, we searched far and wide for a healthy, sustainable meal we can easily prepare.  As students, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and friends, we formed Tsampa Soups to nourish all of your endeavors - whether you're camping, looking for a healthy snack between meals, studying late, or rushing in between meetings.

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